Outsider Economics


David McWilliams, Punk Economics, ft.com

And, of course, outsiderdom is politically located where the nationalist old and disenfranchised you intersect. Outsiders are not defined by traditional labels, but they do form strange coalitions. So the small shopkeeper could well have conservative instincts, while the twenty-something tattooed barista could be liberal to her core. Yet both of them see themselves as outsiders, and neither has a voice, but what they do have is a vote and every once in a while, if pushed, they say – enough!

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Bobby Kennedy on GDP: ‘measures everything except that which is worthwhile’


Simon Rogers, The Guardian, 24 May 2012

UK GDP estimate figures are out today – and you can get the data here when it is announced. But, as governments struggle to measure wellbeing in other ways, it’s useful to look at what then-US Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy said about how this key dataset falls short, from 1968.

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