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How to Live in the City


Hugo Macdonald, School of Life, 2016

It is by living through trying, exploring and sharing experiences that we accrue valuable insight into what works (and doesn’t) for us as individuals living in cities. After all, being human is being individual. The more we take ownership and responsibility of ourselves as individuals within the city, the more likely we are to find our own individual places, comfortably, within it. 

Lisbon Bikeway


P-06 Atelier, 2008-2009, Lisboa, Portugal

The lane runs along the river Tagus, and with its 7362 meters it crosses different urban spaces each one demanding different solutions. The goal was to define a new urban environment beyond the bikeway, in order to improve this area along the river. The selection of compatible and existing materials was considered in order to make clear the readability and use of the new system.

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