Artist: Lee Xin Li



从小善于绘画的李欣立,喜欢阅读盖‧德利斯勒的漫画作品与埃尔热的《丁丁历险记》。他用漫画手法画出实里达、梁宙、德光岛等富有特别意义的地点。欣立也常常描画空军,建筑物和本地文化与历史有关的主题比如《粿》和《Peta Singapura》。

身为一位新加坡国立大学建筑系毕业生,他喜欢通过画笔,还原已消失的国家剧场和大世界等场所。他在写实中,融入漫画的绘画风格,同时把新旧事物放在同一幅画中,展现强烈的对比与新加坡的变迁。欣立在2015年把这系列的作品编译成了一本书:《Sayang Singapura》

Ernest Zacharevic


Barrel Of Monkeys, Kuching 2014

Kutching, the capital of Sarawak State on Borneo Island is found in the wild east of Malaysia.

Borneo is one of the last natural habitats for the Orangutans as well as being recognised as one of the most rapidly deforested areas in the world. These two just don’t go too well together…

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Cities in many ways are the greatest invention that human beings have brought to the world.

Geoffrey West, theoretical physicist

The point of cities is multiplicity of choice.

Jane Jacobs, journalist

Through Time London: From Roman Capital to Olympic City


Richard Platt (Author), Manuela Cappon (Illustrator), Kingfisher, 2009

Neolithic Camp, 3500 B.C. Hunters have been wandering along the Thames riverbanks for as many as 200,000 years, but these Neolithic (New Stone Age) people are among the first to stop and clear the woodland. In addition to hunting and collecting plant foods, like their ancestors before them, they have also begun to grow crops and heard animals in the spaces they have cleared.